Final Fat-Loss Programme

Final Fat Loss

primary goal

Achieve your lowest level of body fat.

nutrition + training

Your Final Fat Loss training programme has been created to optimise fat burning from your exercise efforts. It’s also important to focus on lean muscle retention at this point of your diet too so it’s important to have a training program that consists of a number of advanced weight training plans and high intensity exercises.

It’s important to note that this program is not for beginners, it’s for those who have already achieved a healthy level of body fat and are experienced weight trainers. You know how to push your body, its limits and what it really needs.



There are 3 program tiers to choose from when you sign up to my MB Nutrifit Starting Fat Loss Programme. Each will give you your calorie intake requirement and macro breakdown, as well as example training and nutrition plans but their detail and personalization will vary depending on which program tier you choose. See below for pricing.

Why Choose this programme?

If you are looking to take your body fat level to its lowest point while staying healthy and happy, then this program is for you.If you are just starting out on your fat loss journey, I highly recommend my Starting Fat Loss (SFL) program instead.