Hello, I’m Marie Ballard.

I am a Personal Trainer and Nutritional Practitioner. I’m here to empower individuals to achieve their fitness goals. Learn about food, fitness, and your body through my programmes.


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Are you looking to transform your fitness and nutrition? MB Nutrifit is a bespoke training service brought to you by Marie Ballard. There are 4 different programmes on offer, each specifically designed and tailored to you to help achieve your goals; whether weight-loss or gaining lean muscle mass.

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With a background playing football professionally, over 12 years personal training experience and a degree in Applied Food and Nutrition, Marie offers her clients friendly and affordable training programmes that work with your lifestyle in an environment you feel comfortable.

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There are three options to choose from when you sign up to one of MB Nutrifit’s programmes. Each will give you your calorie intake requirement and macro breakdown, as well as example training and nutrition plans but the detail and personalization will vary depending on which programme tier you choose.

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Why Choose MB Nutrifit

I promise you will fall in love with the process of becoming the best version of yourself.


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