Metabolic Repair Programme

metabolic repair

primary goal

In this programme, we will look to reset and supercharge your metabolism, improve your overall health and help you to more efficiently lose weight.

nutrition + training

Poor nutrition, yo-yo dieting, overtraining and limiting the amount of food you eat can result in the slowing of an individual’s metabolism to an alarmingly sluggish rate – a phenomenon known as metabolic damage.

To keep this program simple, effective and easy to use, the program will follow a 5 phase approach founded on scientific research and experience to help boost the metabolism and reduce the effects of heavy dieting and over training.


programme tiers

There are 3 program tiers to choose from when you sign up to my MB Nutrifit Starting Fat Loss Programme. Each will give you your calorie intake requirement and macro breakdown, as well as example training and nutrition plans but their detail and personalization will vary depending on which program tier you choose. See below for pricing.

To keep this program simple, effective and easy to use, I’ve presented the best approach to take below. This 5 phase protocol has been based upon Leigh Peele’s ‘Metabolic Repair Manual’ founded on scientific research and experience.

Why Choose This Programme?

If you struggle with lack of motivation, low libido, overtraining, illness, or feel you have done everything ‘right’ but can no longer respond to diet and training in the same way then this programme is for you.