Is It Time to Make Some Changes?

Let me tell you about mb nutrifit



My name is Marie Ballard, Welcome to MB Nutrifit.

I started my fitness journey as a professional footballer playing for Birmingham City Ladies. Playing sport at the highest standard required training at the highest level and following a healthy diet to maintain a consistent level of fitness. During this time I naturally found myself sharing personal diet plans and training schedules to both friends and teammates as it’s something that came naturally to my organised and often methodical nature.

In 2006 my career as a trainer began. My early clients were team and academy players looking to keep up a high level of fitness with training and nutrition plans….



I had my eldest daughter in 2007, never had my body been through such a transformation. I was in

awe of the physical changes and found such enjoyment in this natural journey into motherhood. I was

eager to train my body back to the level of fitness I had been prior to becoming a mum and I successfully reached that goal at a fast pace, it was here I began speaking to other new mums looking to get fit but struggling to lose baby weight and find the time or motivation while juggling their new role as a mother.

As my clients began to build I wanted to ensure I was offering credible nutrition advice. I studied a degree in Applied Food and Nutrition at Birmingham University and since graduating have been working with clients on both nutritional and exercise plans tailored to their individual needs.

As a mother of three I can relate to the difficulty of finding time for you, especially time to exercise.

mum of three
My fitness programmes offer my clients privacy and comfort while exercising at a pace that works around their schedule, I teach all my clients about fitness, food and how to feel confident in both mind and body.

For a free consultation email, please visit my Contact Page and lets workout how to transform your life together .